Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creating Your Day

This is a poem my husband, Jonathan, wrote a few years ago about creating your day. He stumbled upon it again recently and I thought I would share.

I think of the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning as I wake
It reminds me of  starting anew, accepting no determined fate
I smile and think another day, stretching and rolling in bed
If I need another thought of joy, I just conjure one up in my head

To some it seems, not I, their blood, is always at flow
I need some action to get myself going, to shake off dampening slow

As I ride, or run, or walk, or play, I think of what I will paint today
Not just the contents of breakfast, not just the smoothness of employ
Not just a guess, not a round-about wish, no reason to be coy

My breakfast will give me energy, so much I can give it away
I’ll eat every bite, savor its flavor, and intentionally start my day

Something at work will surprise me.  I don’t know what it will be.
All day it will keep me excited.  Not matter the size, it’s for me.
I’ll also receive a compliment, so I may receive a correction
Whatever it takes, I’ll take it today and tomorrow can be that much better

I’ll also be kind and grateful, more to those in need
More to mean and bitter, I’ll be grateful I’ll plant a seed
There is so much to which I am grateful, so much to think of it all.
The air, each other, knowledge, power, a pet, a friend, sex, lights, and water.
Soothing music, cozy blankets, dancing, parties, plants, and planets.
Movies, colors, shade, wind, rain,
Food, festivals, my imaginative brain.
I can go on… shall I not?  I can go on and rarely stop.

This day is for me, I’ll conjure it all, I’ll do it and no one around me will fall.
I’ll lift every spirit that touches with mine, it happens with barely a mention.
This day is for me, no one else is to blame, all it takes is a little intention.

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