Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baffled at the grocery store?

Grocery shopping...everyone has to do it (or have someone do it for them), yet few enjoy the routine chore. Brian Wansink, Ph.D., author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More than We Think, popularized the term nutritional gatekeeper. Your home's "nutritional gatekeeper" is the person who has the biggest influence on the foods consumed, thus the nutritional health of the people within the home. No pressure, right?

I often hear people say, despite the 40,000 food items offered at a large grocery store, "I don't know what to buy." There is a great deal of information out there regarding healthy foods, however I find quite a bit of it misleading and often very confusing.

In honor of March's National Nutrition Month, I had a Grocery Store Excursion Sweepstakes. I recently had the opportunity to journey through the grocery store with the sweepstakes winner, Laura. We used her typical grocery list as a guide and to explore the store. In the produce area we discussed which foods are most important to buy organic. We reviewed and compared food ingredients of a variety of hummus spreads, which they enjoy regularly. We discussed probiotics in yogurt and the difference between traditional and Greek yogurt. We also inspected the whole grains in a variety of bread loaves.

This week is National Women's Health Week, so I have another Grocery Store Excursion sweepstakes running. If you are the nutritional gatekeeper for your family and would like to explore your grocery store together, register for the Grocery Store Excursion sweepstakes! The winner will be selected on Friday, May 13. Good luck!