Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leavin' on a Jet Plane?

The weekend is fast approaching! If you are headed out of town by way of flying, inevitably you will spend a chunk of time in an airport. Self-entertainment in the airport and on the jet plane are somewhat limited-I mean, you can read a good book, catch up on gossip magazines, catch a few zzzz's, or find something to eat. If eating is on your agenda, let's explore a few ways to keep your wellness in check.

Of course a plan is always a good idea. Keep a few snacks in your carry-on so you can have easy access to something you "approve." Some ideas could be a Zydeco bar, some toasted pumpkin seeds, dried chickpeas, or if you are brave throw some edamame in there.

If you are looking for something at the airport grab a boiled egg and throw some hot sauce on it (that's one of my favorite snacks). You can also look for some fruit or a little salad if you need a snack. If your stomach is growling and you are more in need of a meal, consider a slice or two of thin-crust pizza. Of course, you have to obey The Pizza Rule-for every meat you have, you must also have a veggie. Another option for a meal would be an omelet, which The Pizza Rule would also apply. Deli sandwiches are also usually pretty easy to come by, but bypass the chips.

The last time I was on a plane they were charging for the snacks, and it the price was ridiculous! That made it easy to pass on the junk food they offer. Unless it's just good ole' roasted peanuts, the snacks usually have little nutritional value. If you can't say no, you can always tilt your head back, close your eyes, and pretend like you are sleeping, the flight attendants won't even ask if you are sleeping. If you feel compelled to get a beverage, as I always do, water is a fave or better yet, sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice.  And if you decide you want to start your vacation early with an adult beverage on the plane, red wine is likely the best option.

Wherever you are headed have a great time!


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